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About Eventing NSW

Administration of Eventing in NSW

Eventing is a discipline of equestrian sport. In NSW, eventing is administered by a Board of elected members with representatives of the affiliated clubs who run the competitions.

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What does NSW Eventing do?

  • Assists constituent clubs with Cross Country course grants to help upgrade and improve courses
  • Runs seminars for furthering the education of officials in Course Design, Event organization and for Technical Delegates
  • Assists Clubs with the running of clinics for both elite and lower level riders
  • Runs Junior clinics with top level instructors
  • Represents Eventing in NSW at State and National Level
  • Represents riders of all levels through the Riders Representative; available at every event
  • Operates a Website to keep riders informed.


Eventing is affiliated with Equestrian NSW (ENSW) and through them with Equestrian Australia (EA) and its National Eventing Committee (NEC).

The NEC develops and administers the technical aspects of Eventing in Australia (rules and regulations for the sport) while the NSW office of Equestrian Australia provide services to members implementing policies determined by their Board.

Equestrian Australia as the governing body liaises with the the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), for world equestrian sport matters, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).


The sport of Eventing is supported by a small core of professionals and a huge number of volunteers who provide the various club administrators, committee members as well as the sport's officials, organisers and helpers at events. It is the volunteers who make the sport work. Training for various positions is variously provided through EA.

Other Roles

Eventing NSW has a number of roles beyond advising and assisting riders on all aspects of the sport, which include:

  • representing NSW Eventers on the National Eventing Committee and disseminate appropriate information
  • providing advice and support to Event Organisers
  • overseeing an up-to-date web presence with useful information for members and the general public
  • developing and refining systems that enable the collection and analysis of data for the National Database of riders, horses and competition results
  • encouraging members to take up official roles and providing training and support by organising seminars and demonstrations
  • assisting in improving rider safety and protecting the welfare of horses
  • expanding the image and profile of Eventing
  • establishing and further developing contacts with decision-makers to generate greater support for the discipline of Eventing