Cross Country judging

Riders, their family and other eventing tragics are always welcome to join their closest club and assist in running events.

Normally, a volunteer would begin by offering their services as a cross country judge since the number of riders in competition offer and huge opportunity to learn the sport from this most basic job.

Jump judging involves looking after a cross country fence, filling out a cross country fault reports for each of the classes, making people aware that a horse is approaching and communicating with control. The Technical Delegate and Control will give you a thorough briefing in the morning and let you know of any stopping procedures, how to use the radio and things to watch out for. Jump judging is a great way to see eventing up close in some beautiful surroundings and you will be provided with a packed lunch to keep you well fuelled throughout the day. 

To see more about being a cross country jump judge, check out the attached presentation.


 Jump Judge Information