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Eventing Officials and Club pages
  •  Club Report: All clubs must provide EvNSW with a Club Report at least 10 days prior to the completion. Click here
  • Technical Delegates are required to fill out the EvNSW TD Report for all competitions, including FEI competitions. All falls must be recorded for the National Safety Officer. The report consists of four pages, use the tabs down the bottom (left hand side) to navigate to the pages in excel. If you have trouble using excel a word version is also available.
  • Excel TD report Click here
  • Word TD report Click here
  • FEI Fence Types Click here
  • FEI 2016 Eventing draft schedule click here
  • Finding your way around the FEI website (quick links to the documents you will need) click here

Information from the EvNSW CD/TD/GJ Seminar. Please click on the logos below